Cloud services! Amazon, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, Digital Ocean


I am software developer from Russia and I am interesting in cloud services!

Hereis my public profile on service for study amazon and google clouds.

I want to find a job (possible remote) where I can work with clouds.

I have some experience with AWS. But I am not an expert and I think for very difficult projects I have not enought experience. I mean projects with big data, machine learing.

Ok. If you or your company will looking for some tech guy for tasks with clouds, may be my person would be interesting.

I have experiecne with docker, kubernetes, ansible. I think, I can separate some monolith projects to microservices.

I agree to study any new technologies. Such as cheff, tensorflow, hadoop, spark etc.

Here, for examples, I finished course about docker and kubernetes on AWS and Google Clouds.


Also, I am study BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning.